Microservices Frontends

So this is turning into a bit of a series. If you haven’t read my other posts on this have a look at those first first second. As I told in my previous post I set out to build webcomponents that would expose all the functionality of each service.

We have 3 microservices

  1. Photo Service

    Right now this service doesn’t have any photos just photoId, name and category. So I created a PR to add actual photos, as this will make the front-end a bit nicer. It’s going to be a caurousel with the photos and a form to add new photos.

  2. Like Service

    This service only adds likes for a specific photoId, so the UI for this will be simple, a “like button”.

  3. Query Service

    The query service gives you, for a specific category, the most liked photos. For the UI here we can build a simple list.

So I started implementing this following the post of micro-frontends.org. My first idea was to use react, but then I realised that I needed to wrap react components to make them webcomponents. Instead I opted for vuejs and I must say it worked very well. The “photo add form” I split into 2 components one to add the name and category and one to upload the actual image. The form emits a event when the photo information has been posted then the attribute of the upload components gets this id.

  <photoForm v-if="!photoId" v-on:photoId="onSubmit"></photoForm>
  <upload v-else :photoId="photoId" v-on:photoId="onSubmit"></upload>

import photoForm from "./photoForm.vue";
import upload from "./upload.vue";

export default {
  data() {
    return {
      photoId: undefined
  components: { photoForm, upload },
  methods: {
    onSubmit(photoId) {
      this.photoId = photoId;

Now that we have all these components I wanted to put them all into one site. To fully test that this was technolgy agnostic, this project used react. Using react with these webcomponents I needed some typescript typing:

/// <reference path="@types/react" />

declare namespace JSX {
  interface LikeButtonAttributes extends React.DetailedHTMLProps<React.HTMLAttributes<HTMLElement>, HTMLElement> {
    photoId: Number;
  interface IntrinsicElements {
    "photo-carousel": React.DetailedHTMLProps<React.HTMLAttributes<HTMLElement>, HTMLElement>;
    "photo-add": React.DetailedHTMLProps<React.HTMLAttributes<HTMLElement>, HTMLElement>;
    "like-button": LikeButtonAttributes;

I’m going to see if I can make this a bit nicer, but now we are ready to build a page that I designed like this: page design

Stay tuned for more on this!

Written by Erik Jan de Wit on 16 December 2019